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Riverside Rovers A.F.C.



July 3rd 2010


1.The club shall be called Riverside Rovers A.F.C and be affiliated to the Gwent County Association and Newport District Junior Youth Football League.


2. The clubs objectives shall be to play the game of association football in a sporting manner; to help promote its good name and to take part in any other activities its members shall decide from time to time.


3. Membership shall be open to all persons whose applications are approved by the clubs officers. To qualify as a member of the club a person must be a registered player for Riverside Rovers A.F.C. football squad in the Newport District Junior Youth Football League. Each member’s parents or guardians will have one vote each (i.e. one parent one vote, two parents two votes) except where two siblings are members, in which case the parents or guardians still have one set of votes (i.e. two sibling members does not result in four votes for the parents). A list of these persons entitled to a vote will be published and held ‘in confidence’ by the secretary.


4. The club shall hold an AGM by the end of July each year. The following officers shall be elected at this meeting, in order to form part of the clubs committee President, Chairperson, secretary, Treasurer and Vice chairperson.


5. The decisions of the annual and special general meetings shall be taken by the votes of a simple majority of representative members in attendance (members being defined as in the paragraph 3 above), and in the event of a tie the member acting as chairperson of the meeting shall have the additional casting vote.


6. Squad managers / coaches

6.1 All on a voluntary bases and no fee paid.

6.2 To be in charge of the squad, and make appropriate decisions at all times during matches.

6.3 To be responsible for the issues, and care of the clubs kit during the matches.

6.4To ensure that the necessary arrangements are made for home matches and start promptly at all times.

6.5 To be responsible for the Health and safety of all the playing members under their charge on all match and training days.

6.6 The squad managers, in conjunction with deputies, shall have the power to select squads to represent the club in all matches, in such exercising such powers; the following principles shall be adhered to:

6.6.1 all available playing members shall be encouraged to attend matches regardless of their selection to play.

6.6.2 The player’s eligibility for selection is regardless of ability but dependent upon his sub payment history.

6.7 Whilst adhering to principle6.5 above the highest priority should be placed on ensuring that;

6.7.1 All players when nominated by the officers for duties before, during and after the game shall be accept such nominations without protest or complaint by member or parent.

6.7.2 All players are expected to wear proper and appropriate club kit where supplied.

6.8 The squad manager shall be allowed to use their discretion at all times, but must respect the implied trust in him by the members.

6.9 The squad manager must endeavour to keep parents informed of decisions taken involving the discharge of their duties.


7 To qualify as a squad manager/coach the individual must be registered with the FAW and must have either obtained the FAW leaders course certificate, or be waiting list to attend the course and have a current first aid certificate. No other person, other than those complying with the above, will be allowed to have any dealings with the children registered with the club.

8 All members shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the club and shall pay all such fees as necessary.


9. The club shall have a committee in which the management of the club is vested and which shall have the power to make decisions and pass such resolutions as may be necessary for the day to day running of the club, also have the power to decide any matters concerning the clubs affairs using the constitution as a guideline.


10. The committee shall consist of the officers elected at the AGM as required by paragraph 4 above plus those squad managers co-opted and shall meet regularly throughout the year.


11. In the event of any vacancies arising on the committee, it shall have the power to elect members to fill such vacancies until the next AGM. In the event of the Chairpersons position becoming vacant the Vice Chairperson should assume the role and take the club forward to the next AGM.


12. The decisions of the committee shall be by votes of a simple majority of that present, and in the event of a tie, the person acting as chairperson shall have an additional casting vote.


13.Decisions on purchase of items for the use of, or benefit of the club members shall be made at the committee meetings. Specific committee members will be charged with arranging the purchase of the agreed items and making the necessary payment arrangements with the treasurer. Details of such expenditure to be minted.


14. It will be the parent’s responsibility for transportation between matches to and from training with prompt collection at the end of training sessions.


15. Any members failing to comply with this constitution, failing to comply with the club rules drawn up in accordance with this constitution or conducting themselves in any way likely to bring the club into disrepute, may be expelled, sanctioned or suspended shall have the right of appeal which shall be exercised in writing to the sectary, who there after for a special committee meeting to consider the appeal in presence of the member concerned, (i.e. the appellant) at the earliest possible moment and not later than 14 days. The appellant and/or their representative (s) shall reserve the right to consider written and/or verbal evidence to the meeting when to considers the appeal. Any person found guilty of brining the club into disrepute would be responsible for any fine imposed upon himself or herself or the club.


16. Any decisions made by the governing bodies to whom club are affiliated in terms of disciplinary actions against club members or representative members will be supported by the club irrespective of any other action taken against that individual under the terms of paragraph 16.


17. Parents or guardians are able to make a complaint in writing to the league if they have a grievance against any supporter of any opposition team.


18. Any proposals or motion to alter this constitution shall be passed by the votes of two thirds of representative members present and voting at an annual o special general meeting of the club.


Parents/carers agree to:

1 Be responsible for ensuring their child arrives promptly (if a child is unable to attend for any reason then the manager MUST be informed.)

2 Never leave their child unattended while they are at training or on match days if an emergency do arise and you have to leave please notify the manager/coach.

3 Set a good example to the child

4Always promote fair play and never condone violations of the law of the game.

5 Support the child without pressure, praise effort as well as performance.

6 Recognise the child’s involvement in football is primarily for their enjoyment

7 Adhere to the clubs constitution.

8 All kit remains the property of Riverside Rovers and must be returned when requested to do so.

9 All money owed to the club must be paid promptly. Failure to do so will be dealt firstly at committee level and then referred to the league if deemed necessary. This could result in your child not playing football.

9a Any outstanding debt must be paid to the club before he leaves Riverside Rovers.

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